We test and offset website carbon emissions

To turn your website net positive 😃

The internet accounts for almost 4% of global carbon emissions roughly the same as the aviation industry

Websites need electricity, that until all the worlds power from comes sustainable sources, websites contribute to carbon emissions.

Our phones, computers, wifi networks and servers all use electricity every time we load anything online.

We can help measure the energy efficiency of your website and offset the energy it uses funding green energy projects, tree planting and carbon capture.

How it works


Measure the impact - testing multiple pages of your website with our carbon calculator and using the latest UK energy generation data


Share the results -
in a jargon free report that shows you the data from testing your website and explains the CO2 footprint


Add your CO2 offset - and we’ll fund climate solutions which completely offset the environmental impact of your website.🙂

Get started today

Take a step towards a more sustainable internet now, fill in the details of your website and we’ll test it to calculate it’s carbon output.

The Website CO2 Impact Report Includes:

  • Average CO2 required to load a page on your website
  • The web pages we’ve tested and their individual outputs
  • Total CO2 your website contributes over a year
  • What that CO2 looks like and what it takes to offset
Website carbon impact report £24.98*
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