You just clicked a badge on a website that’s Carbon Positive. 

A Carbon Positive Website!

That's right. A website that's had its Carbon Footprint calculated and offset more CO2 than the footprint. 

Why do websites contribute to CO2 emissions?

Every time someone visits a website it uses electricity.

Electricity is consumed by device they visit with, on routers and wifi networks, on servers and data centres.

Generating that electricity produces CO2.

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“If the Internet was a country, it would be the 4th largest polluter”

How can websites be offset to net positivity?

There are lots of ways we can reduce the environmental impact of websites and the one you just clicked from had their website measured to understand it’s CO2 output.

Then we offset the annually expected carbon output plus a bit extra to ensure it’s making a positive impact.

The offsetting is a mixture of responsible tree planting and funding climate solutions that help produce more sustainable energy.

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